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Welcome to Walter Winter Connection Technology

We are specialists in the field of notching machines, special purpose machines and eyeletting machines and welcome you on our Internet site.

With our slogan we want to capture this in a nutshell:

We are a medium-sized mechanical engineering company specialized in the field of connection technology. We offer our customers a wide range of riveting machines, special purpose machines and notching machines. If you have special requests, we will develop customized special purpose machines meeting all requirements.

To put it in a nutshell: We produce „technology that connects"

We are located in the heart of the „Ländle". Right within the vibrant Baden-Württemberg, the state of thinkers and inventors. Precisely there, where INNOVATION plays an important role. In Heiningen, a "pre-Alb"community at the gates of the Hohenstaufen-city Göppingen.

Please feel free to make yourself a first picture of our product range by browsing through several photos that are shown on our Internet site.

We will be pleased to answer all your inquiries and requests personally and will inform you in detail and comprehensively.

As you know: There are lots of possibilities in the field of special purpose engineering. Our flexibility is your profit.

Just give us a call: Tel. 07161 93 98 03